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My 'He's Got This' testimony is the journey of growing up without a dad.

In 2004 my dad died. It was by far the hardest year ever we as a family, especially my mum, have ever faced. As a 6 year old girl I didn't really fully understand why my dad had gone and I don't think I fully understood the fact that he was never going to come back.

A few months after my dad passed away my family and I came to church and I truly believe that coming to church was the best decision that we as a family could have done, especially after losing our dad. After a couple of years in church I decided to follow Jesus, to let him have His way my life and also my families life; to help us through the journey ahead.

The first time I prayed I remember just saying 'Lord I don't know what to say to you but do what is best, Lord please help my family' . At the time I didn’t know what those words meant, but I didn’t know what else to do.

Growing up as a teenager without a father figure was and still is the biggest struggle for me. A dad has such a huge impact on who you are as a person, he shapes who you are and keeps you on the straight and narrow, so growing up without a dad is hard, I didn’t like that he had gone and I felt lost. I was in a place where all I could do was pray, and so I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to give me guidance wherever I go, for strength for me and family for then and ongoing, time may move on but the hurt will still be there. I have learnt that nothing is ever too small or too big for God.

I never really understood the power of prayer until I started to understand that my dad wasn’t around as I grew up. Over the past 11 years the power of prayer has helped me deal with the emotions that go on around me and to get through the most important stages of my life without my dad by my side.

I truly believe that God HAS GOT THIS and he will continue to have it for not only me but for my family, no matter what. I believe that God has planned every little and big detail in your life and He will not give you anything that you can't handle even when things seems so big that it almost feels like your consumed in it all. He was there for me then and He will be there for me now. God really has got this![/three_fifth_last]