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It's amazing how Gods plan for us is so perfect. An intricate piece of eternal clockwork so far beyond our own minds. 

And I guess that's what my journey is centred on - God's plans and beyond that, his everlasting faithfulness, woven into this tapestry of life.

As a teenager, I wasn't even aware of my constant struggle to find my true identity in this somewhat striving world. I guess I thought that surely everyone has a void inside of them? Because of this, I found myself attempting to fill this void with my own achievements, my friends and family, my people-pleasing nature and words, good or bad that were spoken over me by others.  This void led to bouts of anxiety which sometimes even spiralled into panic attacks, leading me to be wrapped up in worry and fearful of the future.

After truly encountering God five years ago, I can honestly say that this void was miraculously filled and healed and  for the first time in my life I felt true peace, which was way beyond my own understanding. People's words were no longer a stronghold in my life, instead I found true strength and identity in whom God said I was, a daughter of the king of the most high. As I ran into his arms, I found I could finally stop striving as many of us do, for this unfulfilling so-called 'perfection' in life which doesn't exist, for perfection now lived in me through Jesus.

Life is a journey and as each day goes by, I am continually reminded of Gods faithfulness, woven into every aspect of my life. I would be lying if I didn't say I didn't occasionally fall into that trap of anxiety, but God in his grace so patiently waits for me, never failing to fill my time and time again with his perfect peace. I know that whatever lies ahead God will go before, weaving his faithfulness into his perfect eternal clockwork. I know longer fear the future, for I know whom my trust is in. I can honestly claim that I can "face tomorrow with a smile" (Proverbs 31:25), because HE'S GOT THIS.