The best bag..

This my friends, is going to be short and sweet, but I am asked a lot about changing bags, so I thought I might point you in the direction of some - from something more affordable to a little splurge. I have also shown you black options in all bags - that's just my taste, all of them come in other colours so don't be thrown off if monochrome isn't your thing! 
Also, a little tip if trying to find a change bag that's not officially a change bag, just measure the size of your change mat and make sure that it fits inside the dimensions of the bag - voila!

Tiba & Marl

My favourite of all the change bags. They really are beautiful and if you have the money - £130 to be exact - I would definitely get one. Works for both mum and dad to carry, leaves you handsfree as is a backpack, comes with a change mat (which I have and is BRILLIANT) and is just generally lovely. Also, can get matching mini ones for your little one, which is just goals. 


I've seen these all over facebook and storage wise I think they're great. I'm not 100% sold on the design but that's cause I'm incredibly fussy but I think for those mama's who want to be as organised as they can be (and we really need to be!) this is ideal. At £98 it's a little cheaper than some of the other options.

Mat & Nat

Not officially a baby bag but big enough and beautiful enough to be what you need. So long as the bag is waterproof it's great - if it has a lining inside even better! And if you're into the vegan llifestyle, these bags are vegan. With that comes a cost of £120, but they are beautiful and timeless so could be worth investing.


This is what I ended up doing, buying a £30 backpack off ASOS. It works. I've had to buy a little food pouch to carry along with me now JW is eating - but it fitted bottles, formula, my change bag, spare clothes in abundance and still didn't look too mumsy! The one I bought isn't on ASOS anymore but i found this one which is equally beautiful.

Charlie Feist

When searching for a baby bag I messaged her about purchasing one. The only thing stopping me was the cost at the time, but it's beautiful and is used by many as a baby bag! If i had the £65 10 months ago, I would of gone for this bag over my ASOS one!

Jem & Bea

The most expensive of them all, at a whopping £265. But it is beautiful, practical and sleek - like all the other bags above, it has that unisex vibe so those dad's don't feel too stupid carrying around the babies bag when they're out and about. If you wanna treat yourself, just do it. If you can.

So there you go! Hope that helps you a little.

Love Jess + Judah Wild x

How to style horny hair..

Three hairstyles and a little trick to hide those baby hairs that stick out like horns, or those cheeky sideburns..we worked with Rachel from Captivating hair and makeup, to come up with three easy hairstyles for mums on the go that have the gravity defying horns!

1. Messy Bun

This is my GO TO style. Whether my hair is curly or straight it just works. With a few curls hanging down from the front to draw away from those horns and sideburns. It easy, it's pretty, and it looks effortless.

2. Headband Updo

When the horns are gravity defying and the messy bun is not helping - find a headband. To add a little something different to the look, Rach did a roll up bun at the back. I actually loved this look, I'm not a headband kinda girl but it's actually ideal but those bad hair days - and Anthropologie have some beautiful headbands.

3. Plait Halo

I am a sucker for plaits. I love them, they always look so lovely and make me feel "pretty". I think this was my favourite style of them all. Not the easiest if I'm honest, it would require being done whilst your child naps..but it is worth the time, it's out the say from grabbing hands, looks like you've spent loads of time on it and it's pretty. Here's a step by step guide on how to achieve the same looks..

Top Tip: always leave two strands of hair at the front of your head free and style once hair is up. You can use this to hide your horns/sideburns by placing them in a different direction to the rest of your hair and keep in place with grips.

Thank you Rachel, for saving me with these three hairstyles - making me feel less gremlin and more human! Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!

Jess x

Mama, you're perfect..

We are in the season of Christmas & New Years parties, which fills me with dread. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party, I love dressing up, hanging with friends, eating, drinking, music - all of it. But this year, I'm having to embrace a different body. A body, that has grown a little human and been stretched, with the marks to show. 

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Letters to my baby..

As Judah turned 5 months I wrote a letter to him, which I shared on my blog for you to read to. Since the day he was born I have written him letters on the 16th of every month. Random scrap pieces of paper when I remember, scattered in his little box of memories (the first hat he wore, his hospital tag, the first polaroid we took..). I think the first few months of a babies life is when you see the most development, so documenting what he has learnt each month is important to me, to see how fast he grows, learns and develops. It's a crazy whirlwind of a time and we can easily get caught up in it all and not stop to reflect on how much they have learnt. 

Emily Rollings, a beautiful stationary company, created the Birthday Letters to my baby. And it is everything you might want and more. For those of us who love to journal and who love aesthetically pleasing items, this ticks all the boxes. I've actually copied out all my letters I've written so far into it, far neater and less likely to lose the random pieces of paper! Plus a beautiful gift to give to JW when he is older. 

As you know, I'm a huge fan of journals having designer our own DREAMER journal, Emily Rollings also has The Essential Planner.

Again, not only is it beautiful, but full of motivational hand lettered quotes, weekly spreads, calendar, goals section and much more. If you love journals and diaries, this is one for you!

Have a little look at her site, you're guaranteed to fall in love with something. We got these beautiful Christmas cards but she has many many more other cards and prints so have a browse and get shopping.

Remember, take time to reflect. On the development of your kids, on yourself, on your relationship. Life is so easy to get caught up in, especially when a million things happen to you at once, but give yourself 5 minutes. Leave the washing up, don't hoover, make the bed a bit later - have a little you time.

Jess & Judah Wild x

As seasons change..

I’ve been wanting to write about friendships for a while but not known how to.

I feel it’s something I have always battled with and looking back it’s not always because of bad friendships but more because of big insecurities and the challenge in change.

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Lion Pear..

"A lion pear?" I hear you cry..

Yes, a Lion pear, and the cutest lion pear there ever was! Created by the insanely talented and beautifully honest Naomi of "styled by Naomi" - you could get your very own little pear animal and get 15% off, just keep reading!

I came across Naomi over instagram whilst browsing during one of Judah Wild's many feeds and instantly fell in love with her beautifully curated feed. Then I started watching her insta-stories and LOVED her honesty (if you don't already, seriously get following..), which made me fall for everything she did more.
After seeing cute panda pears, unicorn pears and many other a pear being created and delivered to lucky people I decided it was time to get a little Lion pear. I contacted Naomi and asked if a little Lion would be possible. My reason for a Lion? Judah's name, Judah Wild Charles - Lion of Judah, Wild & Strong.
 Naomi quickly messaged back and it felt like I had known her for ages.. she just has that kind of personality that makes you feel at ease and like your besties even though you've ever actually met (or talked in person).. I gave her free range on the "creativity" of the Lion, I mean, she's the pro..and GOLLY GOSH I'm in love, so is Judah he just can't say the exact words yet, but that's totally what his arghhhhhs mean. I mean LOOK HOW CUTE!


I'm not sure where to put it at the moment. To be honest, Judah's room is a MESS so I probably need to tidy first and organise and find a sweet little home for him. In the meantime he can sit in our lounge, so anyone who comes over can see it's cuteness!

FYI, she not only does cute little pears, but garlands and dream catchers, and if you prefer apples over pears, she doesn't dissapoint! And, I know it's the C word and we're literally just in October, but little animals and Christmas Baubles?! That's cute - and how lovely to have a babies first christmas remembered by a little animal bauble you hang on the tree each year?! Why not treat yourself or a loved one, use code DEFINEADREAM15 when checking out and get 15% off your entire order - what a treat!!


Ohhhh and each item comes beautifully packaged so if you were thinking of getting one as a gift, like Christmas or a baby shower - you could send in confidence knowing that it's beautifully wrapped.

On that note, Judah and I are going to tidy his room - well Judah will lie and stare at his cot mobile (which we sell, which has launched TODAY!!) whilst I tidy up after him..what a life!

Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks blog cause we have a decent discount on a favourite brand of ours for you!

Jess & Judah Wild xx



3rd October, the day we launch our new products! Can't quite believe we have got here, creating and dreaming is hard work when your a mama, when do we have time?! When Judah Wild is sleeping I have an endless list of "to do" items and generally just wanna catch up on sleep myself but I feel somewhat empty when I'm not creating - so here's to an even busier life!

To celebrate our re-launch, we are doing a giveaway. You have the chance to win a cot mobile, journal and mama print - worth over £50! All you have to do is head over to my Instagram page, like the image, tag a friend you think would love to also win and start following @defineadream - competition closes October 3rd 21:00 (only open to UK).

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